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Losing it on the web: easy how-to steps to create your own private, riemannian-physics online support group to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Let’s face it, dieting and achieving weight loss goals has never been easy, and, in today’s media rich world, is probably harder than ever. But why not use technology and the web to your advantage? In just a few minutes you can create your own private weight loss and diet support area on the web – all for free! You can invite whomever you want into your web support area. Your friends can then provide you with feedback, encouragement and, after you slip up, just the right positive chastisement to get you back on track.

The key to achieving successful diet and fitness goals is to reform and reshape your daily habits towards healthier lifestyle and food choice habits. As you progress on improving your habitual food and exercise choices, glock-zone you’ll naturally make permanent and healthy progress towards your goals.

You might respond, “Change my habits? Easy to say, but hard to do!” Of course it’s hard, but this is where web technology can provide a key supporting role. The key to any habit re-formation process is to have positive feedback at hundreds of tiny steps along the way. Another key is to be accountable to yourself and your goals. Imagine, if only you could have your best friends or closest and most supportive family members with you all day long – if they could be by your side, wouldn’t they ensure that you stuck by your goals, bernercookiesdispensary whether it’s a 45 minute power walk, or choosing the salad over the pizza? Yes it would!

So bring your close friends and family online with you in your own private food & fitness blog site. It’s easy to set up, and it can be completely private, requiring password log in, so you can be as honest and frank about your setbacks as well as celebrating your successes.

There are many public blog sites out there that can work as a form of daily food log, but they typically are fully public – namely, you’ve got to be willing to expose yourself to the estimated 1 Billion web surfers of the world. So you might want to consider using a free private website, such as KeepandShare, foiz where you can create a private account complete with daily text calendar and photos and discussions, and then invite your friends to have access to your account.

In KeepandShare, the calendar application is unique and easier to use than a blog site, bernercookiesdispensary because the KeepandShare calendar provides free text entry in each day. You don’t place appointments in the days, you just click and type! That makes it ideal for online food journals, diet diaries, weekly printable food diary, printable weight watchers journal, exercise logs and the like.

With private group sharing sites like KeepandShare, Animal and pets you can truly bare your soul to your support group with nary a worry of strangers viewing or commenting. Private group sharing sites allow you to always control who sees what in your account. Just set the ‘share with’ to give Suzy and Sally access and they’ll be automatically notified every time you post into your account.

So there you have it. Use the new power of the web’s private group sharing sites to post your own true diet diary, but to do so privately. Then receive the comments of cheers and chastisements of your friends, helping you to steadily form your new habits and achieve your weight loss, diet and fitness goals.

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