The Honor Box Placement and Presentation

Who Are Your Prospective Customers?

Small businesses are your customer. This includes many different types of businesses. You will be placing honor boxes in auto parts stores, beauty salons, schools, insurance offices and the list goes on and on. alternativehealthdirectory

A prospective customer can be any business that will allow you to place your honor box. Men will normally buy more, but I have had many successful snack boxes located in businesses frequented mainly by women.

My philosophy was if a business would allow me to place a box it was worth a try. You can always remove a box if it’s not selling enough snacks. Some of your best accounts will be accounts that you will have doubts about when you’re placing them.

Why Should A Business Take Your Snack Box?

There can be many reasons why a business will allow you to place your snack boxes. It will be your presentation that will hit on the prospective customers hot button. businesshonors

Some of the more common reasons would be:

1 – It is hard for the employees to leave the store during normal business hours.

2 – It is an employee benefit that doesn’t cost the employer anything.

3 – The employees have been supplying snacks and some eat with out helping supply any snacks of their own.

4 – The owner enjoys having a variety of snacks available. hi5biz

Do I Show And Tell?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. You should always take a snack box in with you when you are soliciting new business. There are two reasons for this:

The first reason is that it will give the prospective customer a chance to see what your honor snack boxes are filled with. The second reason is you won’t have to go back out to get the honor box giving your new customer a chance to change their mind. classyweb

Why Do Businesses Say “No”?

There are a few reasons your prospective customer may say no. Some of the more common reasons are they don’t have room for it, or they may say they don’t need a snack box tempting them.

The most common reason will be that they won’t want to be responsible if the money comes up short. I encountered this objection early on in my business and the way I overcame the objection was to address this problem in my presentation. By addressing the objection before they have a chance to use it, you have just defused the objection.

My Presentation

When entering the prospective new account you will ask whom you need to talk with about placing a snack box at their business. Once you are talking with the decision maker it is time to go into your presentation.

This is the presentation I have used for many years; please feel free to use it or any part of it in your own presentation. For more info please visit here:-

“Hello my name is insert name. The reason I stopped here today is that I have a route that comes through here every two weeks. What I’m looking for is a few additional places to place one of my honor boxes. The way it works (open and show them the snack box) is it’s on the honor system. When you’re hungry take what ever snack you want and drop the money in the coin box. (Slow your voice down and emphasize this next part) I know what most business people ask me about now is: what happens should the snack box ever come up short? That would be my problem, not yours. I guess what I’d like to do today is to place the box and see how it goes.”


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