Dental Clinics With An Exceptional Website Design Attract More Patients

People who want healthy teeth and a dazzling smile need to visit a dentist regularly. But how do they choose between the numerous dental clinics? They’re not going to visit them all in person to find the dentist they like the best. It’s far more likely that they will simply ask the all-knowledgeable Mr. Google who will undoubtedly provide all the answers.

A Google website search will aid by listing websites of local dental clinics but then it’s up to the website to do the talking. The first impression of a dental clinic website can make all the difference between securing a new patient and losing them forever. A sleek, professional homepage with a tone of medical authority will be far more persuasive than a homepage overloaded with pop-up ads and annoying background music.

A dental clinic website isn’t promoting products – but its services. It needs to inspire confidence in would-be patients, explain why its dentists are the ones to trust to get that perfect smile, and why patients should choose that dental clinic above all others.

It might sound like a tall order but a professional website design is the one that will get those messages across successfully to attract more clients and will be far more effective than its amateur cousins. And by using skillful graphic design professionals and experienced content writers a website can move from merely professional to exceptional. It can confidently explain that the potential patient won’t find a better service elsewhere and will exude authority, knowledge and compassion.

In a nutshell an exceptional dental clinic website will clearly promote some fundamental points about its dentists and orthodontists to show that they are:


  • Fully qualified, fully licensed, highly experienced and have the ability to treat patients successfully
  • Caring and professional, and will give outstanding service and post-treatment follow-up at competitive prices


It will also encompass the following elements, neatly packaged with superb graphic design and strong branding:


  • The website will be visually attractive, well laid out and easy to navigate.
  • It will include images of the clinic so people can see where they will be having their treatments.
  • A summary of the clinic’s areas of expertise, such as preventative care, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry will be easy to see on the homepage. Patients can then just click through to their particular area of interest.
  • It will proudly display testimonials from satisfied patients. Personal recommendations are highly persuasive and when artfully placed on the website can convince a website visitor to become a new client.
  • Photos and information about staff will be included to explain their qualifications, where they studied and their work experience. For more info visit here:-
  • A handy button for ‘New Patients’ on the homepage will direct newcomers to a separate section. Here they will find forms to print off and complete regarding their personal details and medical history before their first consultation. This suggests a well-organized clinic and patients will appreciate this step to make their registration process smoother.
  • Another handy but essential button is the ‘Book an Appointment’ button. By placing this visibly on each page, patients can easily book their preferred date and time for their preliminary consultation, next check up or treatment.
  • Additionally an exceptional dental clinic website will include full details about the payment arrangements on offer and how patients can claim back expenditures on their insurance.


When someone signs up for a dental check-up, emergency treatment or orthodontic work they know it will involve some amount of discomfort and quite possibly the use of needles or even dental braces. Because of this, there is no way that they will place their mouth in the hands of someone they don’t believe is a true professional and highly capable. A website that is created by a non-professional enthusiast will always lag behind the professionally designed website in looks, in content and in usability. A dental clinic with an exceptional website design will attract more clients each and every time.


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