Sports Shops – Where Are They Going Wrong?

I was thinking of getting some new gym equipment the other day, and my mind shot to the big named shops such as DW Sports or Sports Direct but some of these shops are struggling to compete with dedicated sports websites who are taking sales away from them fast!

These shops have been trying to work out why the websites are doing so well and the main reason they’ve found is the range of equipment that they stock; I mean, sports shop we’ve all been in one of these big named sports shops at least once right? What was in there? Trainers, track suits and the odd bits and pieces for football, even then, there isn’t a lot. It’s not really good enough is it, they’re really letting the shoppers down.

Online retailers are beginning to take advantage of this lack of stock by seeing what other sports are out there and what the consumer might want, and stocking their site with equipment for the popular sports like rugby & snooker as well as ensuring that they have a variety of stock for other sports including cricket & croquet.

Equipment can now be bought for sports that require a lot of space For instance bowling. I can’t think of a way sports outlets to have a chance in competing Even the more unusual hobbies and sports are accounted for on these websites, with sports like American football & baseball being readily catered for.

Something else that’s affecting the high street names is that these pesky websites can get their stock for lower prices due to lower distribution costs, litigation this will no doubt have a dramatic effect on the prices on the website. With that in mind, surely it can’t be too long before the main retailers decline and disappear.

Another problem I have noticed with these high street sports retailers is their lack of kits for sports teams. Many a time I’ve had to search online for a rugby shirt, as all they seem to stock is football shirts – I’ve looked and looked in countless shops and it’s always the same, Arsenal, Manchester United, tawonliar Liverpoool. They’re just turning good business away Something else I’ve noticed is that they never stock the local kits.


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